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Considering a Yoodle Puppy Cross?


So what exactly is a Yoodle puppy and why do you need one in your life.. like yesterday! A Yoodle is a cross puppy otherwise known as a Yorkiepoo, or a Yorkapoo and is a combination of the wonderful Yorkshire Terrier and the Poodle.

So why should a Yoodle puppy be your next fluffy family member? This recent addition to the very popular poodle crossbreed group means that while not a pedigree, you are likely to get some fantastic traits from both breeds.

Photo Credit: charliebear.nyc https://www.instagram.com/p/B7O3qyShAzN/

What will my Yoodle Puppy look like?

It’s worth keeping in mind that the Yoodle crossbreed is hard to describe accurately because the ‘look’ and features will largely depend on the parents. When choosing your Yoodle puppy it is worth asking the breeder how they expect the puppy to grow to based on the poodle family line and what colours they have had in previous litters.

Will a Yoodle Puppy be Family-friendly?

Our experience is yes! A Yoodle puppy is a great option for families as long as you are willing to do some puppy training (and kid training) to ensure best behaviour from the whole family.

4 thoughts on “Considering a Yoodle Puppy Cross?

  1. Hi! I am looking for a Yorkiepoo puppy! If you know of any near the Nevada area please contact me. Thank you!

    1. Hello my name is Tommy I am from Birmingham Alabama I just lost my yorkie poo A few weeks ago Molly what’s her name I love her very much We had a very strong bond together.I am looking for another yorkie poo Preferably female Not a puppy But middle age I don’t know where to look around here If you know of any 1 I can contact About finding a yorkie poo Blonde in color I would appreciate it very much You can reach me At (205) 441-4444 I would appreciate any help Thank you very much.

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