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Is the yorkiepoo the right breed for you?

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There are lots of different dogs breed to choose from. Some are a combination of different breeds, while others are known as purebred. However, the Yorkiepoo is by far one of the most cherished mixes for dog-lovers around the world. These canines furry friends are fun to own and definitely cute. Here are some facts relating to Yorkiepoo Breed to help you to know if it is the right breed for you.

Yorkiepoo Breed Temperament

The Yorkiepoo generally gets along well with other pets, kids, strangers, and dogs. Socialization when young is of course advisable and we are big fans of puppy preschool. Young kids need to be closely watched around the Yorkie Poo to make sure they treat it respectfully.

Yorkiepoo Activity

Being a small dog, your Yorkiepoo won’t need a seriously hard workout but a daily work will do wonders for their behaviour. A lot of its activity needs can be achieved through indoor activity. Yorkipoos enjoy frequent playtime and have plenty of stamina to come alongside for a lengthier jog.

Yorkiepoo Shedding

The Yorkiepoo can have a fine, frizzy, wooly coat similar to the poodle, or a straight, long, silky coat similar to the Yorkshire Terrier (or anything in between). This breed often sheds very little, which makes it a fantastic breed for those suffering from allergies. Speak to the Yorkiepoo breeder to ensure puppies have been bred with hypoallergenic coats in mind if this is an important factor in your puppy choice.

Yorkiepoo Breed Personality

The Yorkiepoo Breed is smart, happy, energetic, and bold. It’s clever, loving, alert and very cheerful. It makes an excellent watchdog and lapdog. The Yorkiepoo likes to participate in family activities and makes a good companion. These dogs are relatively active; however, not as hyperactive as some other small breeds. This lovely little breed isn’t mischievous but can sometimes be stubborn.

Yorkiepoo Bath Time!

Bath the Yorkie Poo as required and brush regularly, being sure to keep its hair trimmed out of eyes and ears.

Yorkiepoos are great jumpers

It is so amazing what those short legs can do. As many claim Yorkiepoos are also referred to as the mini canine Superman due to their ability to jump so high and run so fast, so keep this in mind when you are securing gates and doors at your property.

Training your Yorkipoo

These dogs are highly trainable and have a high desire to please. The Yorkiepoo Breed can easily learn an array of entertaining tricks in a similar way to full grown Poodles. We have found Yorkiepoo’s are easier to housetrain compared to a purebred Yorkshire Terrier.

A dog that thinks its a cat?

It appears that occasionally the Yorkipoos think they are cats. They are brave enough to stand on the edge of a chair or the bed and love climbing on top of your shoulders.

Ready to take on a Yorkipoo Puppy?

Check out our Yorkiepoo Breeders page to see Yorkipoo litter information in your area. Good Luck!

2 thoughts on “Is the yorkiepoo the right breed for you?

  1. We have owned toy poodles for about 40 years, we just loss our 14+ year old toy poodle on 9/11/18, and are looking to buy another small puppy, a yorkie poo, another toy poodle, or maybe a bichon frise. We are willing to drive as far as Pa.to possably buy one. Thank you..

  2. Looking for a York poo that is on the yorkie hair side. I want a rescue dog. I’m to old to take on a puppy

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