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7 best small dog strollers for 2020 – Our puppy roadtest

Spoodle Puppy Running

A small dog stroller or puppy carriage is a great way to get your small pup from A to B easily and quickly. Whether its a trip to the store, the vets or a public event, a small dog stroller keeps your pet safe, out of the weather and off the hot footpath (let’s keep those paws from getting burnt!). Importantly a dog stroller is a must-have item for dogs with disability, arthritis and old age pain.

Considerations before choosing a dog stroller for your small dog

  • Choose an animal stroller that will fit your dog!
  • Consider the weight of your dog – doggy strollers will have a maximum safety weight. Your dog might be small but it will need to be under the max weight listed.
  • Does the pram or stroller fit easily in your car boot? A pet stroller needs to be easy to travel with.
  • Does the dog stroller come with the accessories you need? Think shade cloth, windows, cup holders or carrier pouch.
  • Do you have multiple small dogs? Would a double dog stroller be a more suitable option?
  • What terrain will you be walking on? Robust wheels and braking systems will be essential for jogging and hiking enthusiasts.

2020 Dog Stroller Best Picks:

Best All-in-one Dog Stroller and Carrier

This all-in-one animal stroller and carrier set covers everything you are going to need to transport your small dog or pet. Made by ibiyaya, this system not only provides an attractive stroller solution, but also a pet car seat, a dog carrier bag, a pull trolley system and a doggy backpack!

What we love: what’s not to love about an all-in-one stroller system!

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  1. So, what is the point in having a pet stroller if you are not going to take them with you? Of course, the purpose of it all is to take your loved ones along with you.

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