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Yorkiepoos and Children

Yorkie Poodle Puppy

Are Yorkiepoo’s kid friendly? We certainly think so, however it is best to consider four things:

  1. The temperament of your individual dog.
  2. The size of your dog or puppy.
  3. The training your dog has received.
  4. The size, age and behaviour of the child/children.

In this blog article we look at the general characteristics of Yorkie-poos and things to consider when introducing your pet to kids.

The Yorkie Poo Cross Breed

The Yorkipoo is a cross between the Miniature Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier.  In this respect you get the best of both worlds – a small yet ultra cute, playful and clever dog.

As would be expected, the Yorkipoo has the temperament of both his parents. He is intelligent, energetic and easy to train. He requires mental stimulation and daily exercise to burn energy. This is a breed of dog that also loves cuddling (as it was originally bred as a lap dog) and will be comfortable in your lap in front of the TV.

This is a good fit with many families who have an active lifestyle and a safe backyard to play in.

Yorkipoo Size

Yorkiepoos are small dogs with the average height of seven inches to one foot. His Small size means that he needs to be handled gently and is best suited for older children . He could be smothered or hurt by small children, especially if not carefully supervised. He could also break or fracture his limbs if dropped onto hard surfaces. It goes without saying that if you get a Yorkipoo, you should teach your children how to interact with him safely.

Yorkiepoo Behaviour

A Yorkiepoo that hasn’t been socialised or properly trained as a puppy can be snappy at times. Introduce children slowly and carefully to overcome these issue. This way your kids can take cues and know when to give him a break. Check out this great article on teaching kids to safely interact with dogs.

Teach your children not to pull his ears or tail. This can provoke him to nip or bite them. He loves barking, and this can frighten your children. Puppy training him can teach him when to bark.

Exercise is the Answer

These designer dogs have a lot of energy. In addition to providing mental stimulation, he should get physical exercise. Teach your kids how to take him for walks in the neighbourhood. Ensure he always has a leash on so that he doesn’t run off and escape!

As with any other pet, you should not leave your children unsupervised with the Yorkipoo. Also, teach them how to approach the dog. They should not approach the dog when he is sleeping or eating. His affectionate and fun-loving nature makes him a great companion for your children.

3 thoughts on “Yorkiepoos and Children

  1. We just lost are Yorkie Poo after caring for her and loving her for 16 years. We have a big loss in are lives and would love to fill it with Yorkie Poo again. We have a small home and a small yard. I love to go for walks. She would get lots of love from the two of us. I am 67 year old and my husband is 70 years old. We do not have jobs.

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