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Should you take your Yorkiepoo to puppy preschool?

Yorkiepoo Puppy Preschool Training

So you have chosen your newest furry family member (or you are about to). Puppies are so much fun and offer years of friendship, loyalty, and love to your family life. But left to their own device, your new puppy will probably find mischief, mayhem, and be prone to accidents. To combat this, it’s time to consider puppy preschool and training.

Why attend puppy preschool?

So how can you offer your puppy the very best start? Ignore attention-seeking behaviours, reward confident, set boundaries, and enrol in puppy preschool!

 1. Sharing Puppy Knowledge

Whether you are new to puppy ownership or have had dogs your entire life, there are always new information or skills you can learn about dog training, methods, and tactics. The chance to speak with other dog owners and get advice from qualified trainers is very important. It can help to solve problems with your puppy before they develop into something more serious.

2. Puppy Socialisation

Puppy socialisation is an essential aspect of the life of a puppy. Learning to react to other dogs and what’s good and what’s not in dog language is an important life lesson (and will make your life much easier). If your puppy doesn’t go outdoors often (to events, or with friends and family, etc.) then scheduled socialisation as part of your puppy training is a fantastic opportunity to get your practice in.

3. Safety

A puppy that is well-trained (under watchful eyes) is safer to have around friends and family and is at lesser risk to himself compared to an untrained dog. But keep in mind ultimately animals will be animals, therefore unpredictable.

4. Closer bond with your Puppy

Statistics reveal that owners with behaviourally sound pets have a stronger bond and get more satisfaction with their pet. Having a well-trained dog through attending puppy preschool will mean you’ll get more delight from dog ownership and consequently, are likely to be closer with your dog.

5. Basic Commands for your Puppy

Basic commands are taught in puppy preschools (e.g., stay, drop, sit), which let you handle your dog with less difficulty and drama. Better management and knowledge of these commands will mean a happier home life with your pet.

6. Could your puppy be a genius?!

Sometimes puppies can seem very switched on, and other times they need a little bit of extra help to be the clever pups we know they can be. Check out these brain training videos below – could your pup this clever?

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