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Yorkie Poo Behaviour Problems and How to Fix Them

Yorkiepoo’s are known for their intelligence, courage, independence, and energy. They make lovely companions for most families and have a nice mixture of temperaments from the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier. But what should you do when you encounter Yorkiepoo behaviour problems?

Common Yorkiepoo Behaviour Problems:

Yorkiepoo Barking Problems

Small poodle, terriers and many small cross breeds are well known for excessive barking. Unfortunately this issue can also effect the little Yorkiepoo, especially when they are bored or haven’t received daily exercise. As a sometimes lapdog, this breed tends to be protective to excess and as a result can be a bit on the yappy side.

Barking Solutions:

It is important to remember that some barking, especially when a dog is excited is completely normal. But when barking becomes a problem for you (or your neighbours) it is important to find a training solution that works. Ensure your dog is trained to know when they should bark and when they shouldn’t. Puppy preschool can be a big help in this area. It is also important to consider when the dog is barking. Is it lonely, afraid or not deal with a social situation perhaps? Sometimes eliminating the cause (e.g. socialisation training, or making morning routines less stressful) can help. Dogs will always do well with more exercise (as do most humans)! Take your daily walk together and hopefully the barking will diminish. For more extreme measures you could consider a barking collar or call in a professional for training help.

Yorkiepoo Stubbornness Issues

Yorkie Poos are independent (which is generally a lovely thing). This trait makes training easy for the owner, however, as a result your Yorkiepoo can be stubborn at times. This behaviour tends to rear its ugly head if training is harsh or becomes repetitive. They can rebel and stop trying.

StubBorness Solutions:

All dogs can be stubborn when training gets a little boring or hash. Keep things fun and mix it up when training gets repetitive. We can all do with a bit of variety after all!

Aggressive Behaviour

Yorkie Poo Puppies and Dogs are generally not an aggressive breed so this behaviour should be explored further by a professional. Make sure your dog has attended puppy preschool and behaviour training, is up to date in vet visits and is used to being around pets and people so you can eliminate these causes.

Other Yorkiepoo Behaviour Tips:

– Use positive reinforcement when training your Yorkie Poo. Keep the activities short, fun and challenging. Encourage the puppy and give them incentives throughout the training process. This works out well, especially when teaching puppy routine commands and tricks.

– To stop digging, backing and attempts to run away when you are outdoor, give your Yorkie Poo some toys to play with. Toys like stuffed Kongs, tug ropes and interactive treat dispensers can greatly eliminate boredom.

– House training- this can be a bit of a task, but we promise, eventually your puppy learns! House training is always about training, repetition and perseverance. Puppy Training pads can be a great option!

– Socialization problems –  just like any other dog, the Yorkie Poo can get easily distracted by other dogs, cars and children. While walking the dog, reward them with a treat once in a while when you meet a person, and they do not bark. These will encourage good behaviour long term.

These simple behaviour tips should make life with your  Yorkiepoo just a little happier – enjoy!

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