Yorkie Poo Training

Like all dogs and puppies, Yorkie Poo Dogs should be trained. In this section we talk about training your Yorkiepoo to respect you as the owner of the house. We look at Yorkie Poo behaviour tips and our experience in training and looking after Yorkie Poo puppies, from Puppy school to professional training.

Must read articles about Yorkie Poo Behaviour Tips and Training

Yorkiepoo Puppy Preschool Training

Should you take your Yorkiepoo to puppy preschool?

So you have chosen your newest furry family member (or you are about to). Puppies are so much fun and offer years of friendship, loyalty, and love to your family life. But left to their own device, your new puppy will probably find mischief, mayhem, and be prone to accidents. To combat this, it’s time […]


Yorkie Poo Behaviour Problems and How to Fix Them

Yorkiepoo’s are known for their intelligence, courage, independence, and energy. They make lovely companions for most families and have a nice mixture of temperaments from the Poodle and Yorkshire Terrier. But what should you do when you encounter Yorkiepoo behaviour problems? Common Yorkiepoo Behaviour Problems: Yorkiepoo Barking Problems Small poodle, terriers and many small cross […]